Say hello to natural fertility.

Meet your guide, Katrina


I’m Katrina Foe, Functional Nutritional Therapist,  Pilates Teacher Trainer, and mom of 7

In 2015, I had my own health journey of breast cancer (watch the video below to hear the story) which drew me into functional nutritional therapy.  And now, many of the diet, lifestyle, and detoxification strategies that I used while addressing my cancer 100% naturally, I now use with couples that come to me struggling with infertility.  

I work with clients all over the world using cutting-edge lab tests that allow us to see what is really going on and get to the root of the issue.  And it’s rarely one issue!  I love a good puzzle so it is my joy to dig into the complicated cases.  

My husband, Larry (who does all the tech stuff and customer service), our 7 kids and myself all live in northern Idaho on our small family farm.  We are passionate about raising our own pristine chicken, beef, eggs and produce.   We homeschool the kids and they help out with everything from the garden to the editing of videos.  

We also own a Pilates studio in Scottsdale which I started in 2001. Larry runs the studio from up here and I train Pilates instructors online. My specialty is Pre and Postnatal Pilates which I teach at conferences internationally.  Can you tell that the workings of the body fascinate me?

We believe that God has given us wonderful herbs, food, movement, and nutrients to heal our bodies with, we just need to get the man-made toxins out of the way.  He is faithful to share His wisdom with us as we seek to be good stewards of the bodies and Earth that He gave us. I love that I can pray for my clients and share this beautiful design with them. It is a privilege to get to be a part of the process of helping wonderful couples bring God’s blessings into their lives.

I am passionate about helping couples unravel their infertility and have healthy, vibrant children.  And I want to use what I’ve learned to help YOU unravel your fertility blockers and have that sweet baby of your own!

- Katrina

My Personal Health Story

Hear the whole story of how Katrina overcame breast cancer and other health obstacles naturally.